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Dongguan Anxiang intelligent packaging equipment Co., Ltd

  Anxiang intelligent packaging equipment is a manufacturer of high-speed and accurate visual counting packaging equipment. It has gathered various professional and technical personnel and is committed to the research, development, design and production of packaging machines with the ability to replace imported equipment. The industries covered include: food, pharmaceutical, plastic, electronic components, rubber sealing rings, chemical, pesticide, daily necessities, hardware and toy industries, etc Full automatic vertical packaging machinery and equipment, bag feeding packaging machine, drum film packaging machine, counting packaging machine, counting machine, computer combined scale and supporting packaging machinery and equipment; The products sell well all over the country, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Malaysia and other countries and regions. The company has strong technical force, advanced equipment and supporting technology; At the same time, we undertake the production, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, training and other one-stop services of special packaging machinery and equipment based on customer materials.

  For fastener, mechanical hardware, building hardware, decorative hardware, daily hardware, toys and other enterprises. Through our continuous research and development, continuous innovation and continuous improvement of products, we have high-precision counting equipment, such as visual counting, weighing counting, weighing detection and other technologies, which are tailored for the hardware industry to ensure good stability, high accuracy and fast speed of products. It can save enterprise labor, improve enterprise productivity and create greater development for enterprises.


Management Idea

Focus, technology, innovation and service


Development Concept

Green, environmental protection and sustainable


Product Concept

Quality first, consistent quality


service Idea

Sincerely serve customers; Sincerely impress customers; True love warms customers


Employment concept

Attach importance to staff training; Pay attention to talent training

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Huixing Industrial Park, No. 160, sukeng section, Changlang Road, Changping Town, Dongguan City


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